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Community Digital Networks delivers FAST internet service to Fayette, Iowa. Ready to subscribe? Contact our office to get started or click the button below.

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Wireless Internet Plans and Pricing

Residential and Business Internet Service


Internet from Hawkeye Telephone
Internet from Community Digital Networks


The purchase of an external antenna is required to receive Wireless Broadband Internet service from Community Digital Networks. The antenna is about the size of a textbook and is mounted to your home or business. Signals are sent and received through a radio receiver attached to your computer, which avoids tying up or even requiring landline telephone service.

System Requirements

Most computer systems are capable of receiving Community Digital Networks' Wireless Broadband service. If you are concerned that yours may be incompatible, please call and we can discuss your unique situation.


Residential installation is $99. All labor NOT involved with installation is billed at $50.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour.

A note about speeds

Services are “up to” the transmission speeds provided under customer’s agreement, but may be lower for a variety of reasons. CDN recommends that customer test the transmission speed at the location where customer will be receiving Services prior to signing the Service Agreement. CDN can assist you with testing.

Two year service agreement required. Service agreement converts to month by month on the 25th month. Actual operating speeds may vary. $24.95 charge applies for any speed/bandwidth decrease. Early contract termination fee may apply.*

*In addition to any early termination charges assessed for monthly service, an equipment charge of $400.00 will be assessed if the early termination occurs in the first twelve (12) months of a twenty-four (24) month term or $200.00 if service is terminated between the thirteenth (13th) month and twenty-fourth (24th) month.

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