Sumner Services

Community Digital Networks delivers FAST internet and RELIABLE telephone service to Sumner, Iowa. Contact our office or click the button below to get started.

Internet service

Internet Plans and Pricing

Community Digital Networks provides fast, reliable internet service to our communities. Our internet features no contracts, no data limits, and friendly, local support.

Residential and Business Internet Service


Internet from Hawkeye Telephone

*Where available. Services are “up to” the transmission speeds provided under Customer’s Agreement, but may be lower for a variety of reasons. CDN recommends that Customer test the transmission speed at the location where Customer will be receiving Services prior to signing the Service Agreement. CDN can assist you with testing.


Community Digital Networks’ telephone service offers unlimited local calling, unmatched reliability, and is the best way to reach help during an emergency.

Residential and Business Phone Service


*Tax and regulatory fees not included.
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